At the end of 2013 we conducted a snap survey of student and teacher users. The unedited responses are set out below.
What do you like most about eduPLEX?
What annoys you when using eduPLEX?

That you can mesage people
That you can connect with people that don't have Facebook.
being able to talk to friends at home
I like being able to create a page.
The games
Messaging and just seeing other people's hard work they put on there wall
How it's cyber bullying free facebook for kids
talking to my friends
Eduplex is great, I mainly like that it's monitored so you cant get cyber bullied.
i like putting pic on my wall and senting messageing to my friend
the messegings
That i can put as many pics as i want to!And the other cool thing that it has.
Social networking for our students. Authentic learning. Self expression on pages etc.
it is like using facebook
It's fun, enjoyful and you can learn from other people by teaching others.
I like the clean format. It has everything that you need right there on the dashboard.
I like when i get to chat with people and edit my page and add stuff to it
i can talk to friends at school and i can see pictures on their page!
you get to show off your wall
Sending messages making a personal wall making mookiis
all of it, everything is perfect
When People send me messages.
the thing i like most about eduplex is that i can message my friends and have a good conversation with them
The great amount of units that are there to extend students.
games ans seeing other peoples walls
the learning because its fun.
To make more friends and sand massages to my classmates,friends or teachers.Also I can put pictures on my wall and share with others,on the eduPLEX,everyone using nice languages to massage people.
theres alot of fun stuff to do on here
The Walls
eduplex- Not much.
You can learn things about other peoples pages and you can text to ur friends
I really like the custumize tools for the page
my wall
It is fun to use
Being able to update my wall the way i want to.
The pages i can make.
that you can upload pictures of your own, also you can contact people or friends by messaging them eduplex is kinda like facebook but a more educational.
peoples pages
Being able to personalize my profile page.
the pages
i like games mostly but i also like i can check what homework i have to finish.
How you can access it whenever you want and teachers can set a task which you ca complete at school or at home.
the pages
makeing the avatar mookii it has always been fun
all the different groups
You can easily use it.
i dont know
I get to share things with my school friends and it is a better way of doing school work.
looking forward to what we have to do.
its a waste of time
seeing my friends's interests
its got games on it
seeing my friends pages
the games
um stuff?
its a different way to approach learning.
The fact you can talk to others in your class and you don't need to scream across the room.
its a different way to approach learning
How the work tasks are pretty fun,you can upload pictures to your page and how you can make it stand out.
From a teacher's view the ability to create online content and for students to be creative in a safe environment.
eduplex to me is just like having a project. depending on what it is its either fun or annoying. the thing i most like about eduplex is the fact that it helps me learn just a little bit more.
messaging my wall
watching videos and doing stuff
messaging looking through other peoples pages decorating my wall
i like about earth stomps
i like how we can talk to people and we do little activities which is fun and not that boring like other sites i've been to. i can have facebook so i use this to talk.
I like how it teaches you about being safe and helps you. I also like how there are modules you can do regarding your specific topic that your grade is looking at! It gives you freedom to do whatever you want as long as it follows the guidelines that were set! (E.G. Comic strip about nature- you can have whatever type of comic you like as long as its about nature and a comic strip!)
Creating my Profile page
messeging friends and decorating my wall
The pages
the easy log in
talking to friends
That you can message your friends
You can Add lots of Friends and you can have fun with your friends on messages
making mookii's
i like that there is so much different things to do.
I like eduplex because it makes work on computer fun and great to use.
The fun educational games
talking to people
learning and talking to people
THE WALLS of my friends and mine
i wish to make a wall but i dont't how to make and add stuff
messaging my best friends and lokkig at peoples wall
creating my wall and messaging
i like messaging, leaning how to do things and making mookii's
i like designing my wall
i like to make new friends and learn
creating my mookii
I like to play games
my wallmessaging my freinds and games
the game and my wall
it is fun
the games and the wall that you have to make and making friends
the cool pages you can make and i love it
i can talk to my friend from long dicdincess
The layout.
making a page
That it's safe
I like messeging people and looking at others pages.
the activities and just exploring through eduplex and haveiing fun
I like that it is a safe sharing site where you can make a wall, chat to friends, post whatever you want to post and do different mookiis.
you get to see your friends wall and you get to message them and we get to make storys and make mookiis.
Seeing students in a different light and creating new things and learning new computer skills.
when we are creating our own mookii(avatar)
the activeties
That you can make a wall and that you can join lots of different groups.
I like putting images and graphics. Especially in my B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T WORLD! I can Enjoy all the feedbacks and look to it!
i don't no i like all of it i drawing and game of the week how we create Mookiis and cars and how we rite about us what we do and like
when I go on eduplex I like to check my messages
a lote of stuff
seeing pages messaging easy intrustions for mookiis
creating all the mookiis
i like making portfolio pages
the creativity on the progam
the software used to make the mookiis so creative
you can mesage your friends
that you get to comuacate with your friends
my page that i put on pictures
i teachers kids how to use computers
I learnt how to use diferent microsofts and I learnt different way
freinds online
creating mookiis and making your profile page.
talking to friends and making my wall and updating it
I like sending messaging people and working on work
the other people pages
I like how you add firends.
the thing I like about eduplex is when you decorate your portfolio page.
adding friends and sending messages
talking to all my friends through messaging and making pages
Messaging friends
Being able to communicate with my students. Being able to explore new programs and then share in Eduplex.
my wall decorating it
Making new page
Homework capabilities
the pages
the pages.
the games
U can talk to your friends and make a wall and play games
fun land (group)
You can chat with your friends and view there porfile
That we know who is online and that we can also message them.
You can make your own pages amd make them the style you like
That we can message people and we get to do lots of activities!
How you can communicate with others
The messaging
you can message people
messenging profile page
talk to friends
games and emailing my friends
how we can keep in contact with the teacher when we need help
The games
you can message people
the messaging
the games and groups
The games.
It's child-friendly and safe.
play music on my page
that it is easy to use.
you can put photos on your wall
you can put photos on your wall
Making profile pages and looking at friends photos on there wall
you get to send messages to friends.
the groups with the games
the games
you can message people.
your page
having fun
Being able to message your friends
most of the things
I think it really good!
making pages
the games in eduplex.
the messaging
friernds list
It does the things that the Ultranet promised to do.
The games e.g. eGamers Dungeon/'Papa's Gameria' (Page By DX)
everything!! :)
You can message friends out of school.
The portfolio page.
talking to to friends, playing games or doing activities.
Making my wall
That you can talk to your friends.
games, messaging, posting comments
the navigation
all of it
See people walls
Learning more about Australia
seeing other peoples pages
Exploring and having your own dashboard.
Your own portfolio page and messaging!
Sharing things like pictures.
the profile pics
i like funland & egamers dungeon
My Friends At School
the game pages and the fact that you can talk to friends and post comments on there wall and its a good way to talk if your like in collage or highschools diffrent from eachother so you can talk.
How you can message and share links and games.
Talking to my friends
Learning more things with people in my class
the messaging and portfolio pages
sending messages to my friends.
messgeing and posting pics on my wall
i like how I can update my wall add pictures and videos
posting photoes talking friends
Messaging people when they aren't there anymore they went somewhere else completely but we can message them
talking to your friends
you can see peoples walls
I like talking with my friends and doing the activities that George gave us.
that you could put pictures and talk to people
sending messages to my friends
talking to my frindes
I like to do some activities with George because its fun so
talking with friends and teachers
to see my friends.
i like talking to my mates and creating and designing your page and doing fun activities
Putting pictures on my wall
i like about it like um how i get to talk to my freinds and do work on it
games,talking to friends and learning
the games
That i can do the stick figure competion and the mookii stuff.
the activities
How there are fun things to do.
You can share photographs with your friends.
that i can add my friends and i can talk to them
When we get to make new staff .
ilike doing anmiation

I like posting things.
Using messages.
Egamers dungeon

It's fun
chatting with my mates
I thing i like most about Eduplex is, that you can upload music. To bad theres a limit.

I like making a portfolio
That I can set up an online learning space that my students can access anywhere. I have access, parents have access, and using eduPLEX makes activities 'fun' and results in high levels of student engagement!
The thing i like most abut eduplex is the messaging because it's cool how you can message someone
The ability for students to share work interactively with me and each other and for immediate feedback to be provided.

"Students have been able to learn many new skills almost effortlessly, while having a lot of fun in the process. Students love being able to communicate with their peers. They have been using eduPLEX over the holidays as well. "

"One positive eduPLEX provides is that students are able to store and display writing and multi-media work in a central location that teachers can access and monitor."

"Independent learning skills have improved and engagement with Reading, Writing and Communicating has improved.
It's great that students have access to eduPLEX at home - they are actually choosing to do their homework!"

"Students have enjoyed learning how to use all the different tools. The fact that they are able to be independent and learn through the help of eLeaders has been very benefical to their learning."

"The program provided opportunities for students to engage with each other outside of school hours. This promoted positive relationships in the learning space and allowed the student teacher bond to be stronger."

"My students are fully engaged in this program and are excited "

getting annoying mesages
You can't message photos
the log in because you have to put your name and then school in brackets as well as password
Not being able to upload more profile pictures!!
Some people try to keep adding me
How long my username is.
Sometimes when no one sends me messages
Cant post photos on eduplex from my ipod -_-
That at school sometime uploads we need don't necessarily work as well as usual. The rank question forces you to rat the teachers only area
my cuncher mookii
The thing that annoys me is when,Everything that i do in homework just doesn't get saved after i logout!
So much to learn so little time!!!
people write some thing mean
Not having a real time chat....
The thing that gets me annoyed is when someone hacks my file and sends inappropriate messages to someone and doesn't admit it our sends a inapproriate message to me and i get suspended
nothing, except for when pictures don't upload but everything else is good.
you can not put pics of your self
That kids can't make groups
When I can't get into Eduplex.
nothing annoys me i just enjoy using eduplex
I don't really feel annoyed about anything.
no one really talks only if you start talking to them
that you can't make groups
nothiing just when people send mean messages.
It wasn't too annoys, sometimes it hard to find things you want to add on my page.
the messages that say e.g are cats better than dogs and that when u delete a message on yiour wall it says page not found
logging in
nothing really
not being able to navigate through the programs.
What annoys me the most is how u cant talk to someone without making a new message or no delay
people who post annoying things !
it gets boring
nothing to be honest.
Some times it dosent log me in it thinks i have done my password wrong.
Nothing really annoys me. I think its fun.
random messages from random people
nothing really annoys me.
Not really anything in particuar.
when i gorget my password
random messages from random people
mean people
There are only tiny things that annoy me that do not need discussing.
evry think
people puting silly things on eduplex
looking at everything
everything. i really prefer class work
its a bit boring
how i don't know what one to go to
doing work
it is boring
nothing to do
very hard
how difficult it is to use
how difficult it is to do something.
how sometimes things wont upload properly or cant be uploaded.
Not having enough memory to put videos, etc on a page. But can't think of much else.
when i use eduplex i dont like the fact that my inbox fills up with other peoples conversations. to me that is REALLY annoying, and the reason that i have to waste my time in deleting silly messages that dont really interest me is annoying. if i want to chat i would go onto the page i have joined if i want to and start a conversation from there, instead of having to listen to other peoples conversations.
logging on
when things dont work and you cant upload to your wall and it becomes laggy
trying to log on
when its slow, also when you can't upload stuff to your wall.
bee bee
when i put pictures/vidos, etc. on and it doesn't work. it sometimes doesn't load and save.
Sometimes it doesnt work for me. An example is: if i screenshot a photo and then crop it and then it doesnt actually save on to my page! But thats all that really annoys me!
We have a limit of photos and other things to put up
when my work gets deleted
The messages and how we need to refresh to know the notifications
the bad contact with the wall page set up
Making Mookii
that you have to login because it take so long just to login.
It is hard to make a wall that lets friends see your wall.
Nothing at all Its simply the best
How long it takes to upload photos.
how long it takes to uplode photos
nothing really i guess
nothing annoys me in eduplex
when i have lots of work due in a few days
forgetting my username and password.
the thing that most annoys me is some of the mookiis.
not noing what to do


some of the things we do because sometimes i cant keep up
Home work
no i love using eduplex it is a great thing to do
when other people send you bad messages
people that don't know you want to be your friend
The fact that students can't make groups or do much, and the fact that adding someone as your "friend" doesn't really add any positive effects (eg, If I add someone as my friend, nothing changes), and the 50 MB limit :( And the MasterTech group doesn't have much about computers! Let us students make groups!!!!!!!!!!!
when we have a project
Sometimes when it gets a bit slow
get a text saying new page acces and when people delete me as there friend
when people message bad things to you and annoy you with silly messages
Sometimes I send a message and it doesn't send it, it only rubs out everything I wrote. Sometimes when I'm uploading stuff to my wall, it won't let me upload stuff on it, or delete other gifs and pictures because I'm using most of them.
um just when i log in and it does not work. and when people delete you off their friends list which makes me sad and upset.
Sometimes the layout is a little busy with too much information on it.
i don't like computers, and i don't like doing the work in eduplex.
nothing really
Having lots of messeges.
I dont think anythink ever annoys me in Eduplex! :)
mean messages and when i put my wrong log in in.

nothing it is good
people who add me on eduolex who I dont know
people that send a friend request
when you have to downlaod mookiis over and over
where somtimes u save your mookii and it does not save
i found difficults to save my work
when trying to use mac since its different to windows
does get on your nerves when the software dose'nt do what you want it to do
when people send annoying mesages
that sometimes you cant log on and you password dosnt work
i have to much fun
when you do it on mac it doesnt coraspond as good
the long username
people mesaging weird and annoying mesages
sometimes when i am doing the projects and i am having trouble
What annoys me is when I do not get something on eduPLEX
all the people that send messages that say something like hi or hello
I hate when people sent me messag
the thing that annoys me on eduplex is the long videos yo have to watch.
sometimes its hard
when I get messages from radom people
When I can't find files that I have previously created
Nothing - note I had to enter stars at Q5 that were not relevant to me. If I didnt put in at least one star I could not submit :)
most of the stuff asks for administrators password
When I cant log on
sometimes it does not tell you you've got a message
Spam messages from friends
Speaking to Mathew
sometimes the pictures dont come up propaly and you cant upload files.
some times the pictures
How umm people you do not know can see your page and message u
forums and page access
That we have to save pictures to put them on our portfolio instead of just copying them on our pages.
nothing really
That we have to use google chrome to make some of the activities work and were not allowed to use it after we leave school
people spamming and when people send you mean messages
I find it pretty boring
PAsting of pictures
when the computer freezes or no friends on
people dont answer
lag in games
too many messages
nothing much
I dont use it very often only when I have to.
geting in
no outside friends on
not much
when i get my user name or password wrong.
geting to the port folios
when people don't answer you messages
when i forget my parssword
no games
when the messages take a long time to send
That you have to click a lot when you message people.
nothing really
it does not have lots of people on it
nothing at all
people can message even if they are not on your friends list
speed it loads at
people i dont like
how slow it loads on the computer
Nothing really
nothing!! :)
When the movies lag.
Nothing really.
it slow my computer down when you need to upload something on your wall,also it makes my computer not respond
When you can't talk to your old friends when they are in high school.
somtimes my homework does not save
If some of your friends graduated last year, you cant talk to them. :D
some times i cant get in to my homework
the background colour and the fact there is no easy click report spam or block.
nothing really
It sometimes takes longer than 15 mins to send short messages to a friend
Nothing much, but I would like to be able to change the background colour of my dashboard.
Ah, now where was i -takes some time to get on and do everything.
i dont understant half of the stuff on there or the stuff we are told to do and i dont like it because i get annoyed!!
How you can't directly message people. Like, you message someone and you go back to there page. It is SO annoying.
When people keep on talking to me when I say stop
it takes a while to login and you can't see all the messages that you have sent to that person.
sometimes eduplex glitches
i cant post pics on eduplex from my ipod!
When people message bad stuff or call me crazy and other stuff like that
the messages that people send me
when i am working on a project and people ask me for help.
that people keep sending me messages when i dont want him to.
not able to use youtube on your wall
the thing it annoys me when somebody remove me or reject me
not able to use YouTube.
peolpe seand me dumb questions.
when people add me and i dont even kn ow them
Some never leave me alone people
what annoys me that when people send me are lot of messages and adding me
random people sending me friend requests and apart from that nothing
people flood me with messages
That when i miss a message a month later I have alot of messages and I cant find the one from last month and there is no games.
Strangers spamming you for friend request's.
When people do prank messages.
nothing really it is good nothing annoys me
When I login and it dosn't let me in
when id do a fried reqwest and he removes it from friend reqwest and he clicks dont save it

people how wast my time sending bad messages
When something i do does not work
Not so important messages
adding people
When you have to much moving pictures :P

Nothing does
Sometimes it doesn't save when I'm doing my work and I have to start again
Some students take it on board more than others - I'd love for them all to see the benefits.
when i forget my password

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