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Think of a 'honey pot'! It attracts and invites bees. Immersive learning involves a suite of features that attract (pull) learners and teachers into an environment that offers a wide variety of engagement points. In summary a user "wants to go there" as opposed to being "pushed" there. Members want to be a part of a dynamic environment where there is something to learn, something to publish and share their creativity. Add cyber control to give confidence, and the outcome is a immersive social learning community.

Summary of Features:

ePortfolio is the central portal for learners and teachers.
Teachers can create quick learning collaborative eCourses /Groups/Clubs
Teachers can collaborate to build and deliver media rich courses (eClasses)

Create a "view" to display your learning
Limitless Portfolio pages

Individual Feedback feature on each page
Control who can see your view (ePorfolio)

Export pages for post school presentations
Multi media integrated

Learning Community:
Share your learning with Friends, Groups, build a 'wall' or simply message.

IN2 learning interactive eFun content
Easy to place Feeback

Maintain a journal of your learning. Use it as a 'reflection journal

Multiple entries
Control who you share to or views your entries

Set Goals:
Add focus to learning
Set your own achievement standards

Resume` - Record Achievements:
Progressively track your successes
Build a Skills folio for employment

File Repository - Storage:
Upload documents to embed into your ePortfolio
Embed into Pages

50Mb 'cloud' storage

Cyber Controlled:
Report any content that is inappropriate
Quick issue resolution by Virtium Admin and Organisation eLeader
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