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Immersive learning begins with a platform that uses multi media to deliver an engaging experience. eCourses are ready made elearning courses for teachers and learners .

Digital Citizenship eCourses:
Cyber Heroes for G2 - 3
Cyber Katz Strike Back for P4 - P6

Cyber Academy for G3 - 6
Cyber Spooks for P7+

Cyber Safety Features:
All social media is monitored
Easy to report objectionable material

UTell Cyber Bullying Report App and online
Quick click issue resolution with eduPLEX Admin.


I.C.T. eCourses
Audio > Video > Quiz format
Self paced independent learning approach

PC Pirates - Foundation knowledge base (PC Skills) G2 -3
Hot Dogz- (Assisted Learning)
MookiiWorld - Essential Software G4 -6
Koowii Club - Australia - General knowledge & History G4 -7
Amazing Online Race G6 - 8
iMedia - G7 -9
Digital Drawing
Animation Grand Slam


Assisted (Guided) eLearning:

Hot Dogz- (Introduction to multimedia)
Be Cyber Smart
IN 2 Series (Words, Stories, Maths)
eBook arcade
It's a BIG World

Interactive content :
Simulations, challenges games.

Habits of Mind and Kinaesthetic
Rich creative tasks that embed the 16 habits of Mind in a fun creative way

Socrates says..
Top Catz Club


Creative Web 2 Resources
Covering most software on DEECD eduSTAR
Students learn a wide range of software to create and publish digital content


Multi Media :
Add rich multi media content (audio, video, images. Web 2 embed)

Externally embedded Web 2.0+ Resources:
Students learn a wide range of software to create and publish digital content
Focused creative tasks using popular software and web 2 sites

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