Immersive learning begins with a platform that uses multi media to deliver an engaging experience. eCourses are ready made elearning courses for teachers and learners . eCourses hold the online "Click2Go" elearning courses.
Cyber Safety eCourses:
Danger Island for P - 3
Cyber Katz Strike Back for P4 - P6
Cyber Spooks for P7+
Cyber Safety Features:
All social media is monitored
Easy to report objectionable material
Quick click issue resolution

PC Pirates G 1 to G3
Foundation knowledge base (PC Skills)
Audio > Video > Quiz format
Self paced independent learning approach

eCourses deliver immersive content

Numerous and expanding eFun Learning clubs

Top Katz Club G4 to G6
Delivers Habits of Mind
Rich creative tasks that embed the 16 habits of Mind in a fun creative way

eTools- video tutorial library:
Covering most software on DEECD eduSTAR
Students learn a wide range of software to create and publish digital content

Mookii World G5 to Y7
10 Mookii characters take you through a creative journey learning the most popular software

Mookii Grand Prix: An inter school digital excellence competition

Embedded ICT :
Design with modules
Students learn a wide range of software to create and publish digital content
Focused creative tasks using popular software and web 2 sites

Mookii: RebelNation G6 to Y8
Evolve to a new creative ICT world with threaded "BIG Questions"
Advance upon the skill sets learned in MookiiWorld
Multi Media :
Add rich multi media content (audio, video, images. web 2 embed)
Amazing Online Race G6 to Y8
Collaborative learning focus with team challenges
Race to 10 different locations
Interactive content :
Simulations, challenges games.
Integrated with eFolio software

Collaborative learning. Form a Race Team and challenge rival teams

Construct a Meccano RCR car and race it against your competitors


Collaborative learning focus

Introduces you to the world of Robots

Construct robots on line

Build Lego MindStorms Robots and complete challenges

Extend your digital skills with a suite of 10 activities ranging from animation to website design
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